As the founder of  IOWA CARRY ( Iowa Firearms Coalition ) who worked to bring the "Shall Issue" permit system to Iowa and a Firearms Instructor for 19 years, I have dedicated a lot of time to the issue and have worked hard to develop complete courses that are both informational and entertaining.

Owning, using, and carrying a firearm is a heavy burden and possibly one of the single greatest responsibilities, never to be taken lightly. Whether you've never had any experience with a firearm, or are very experienced, my goal is to provide quality firearms instruction. I am based in Oskaloosa, Iowa but travel the midwest giving courses and instruction.


On such a serious matter - Don't you want the best training you can get

My NRA Certified Instructor led training classes have been approved by the Iowa DPS as meeting
the requirements towards an Iowa Permit to Carry Weapons (CCW).

Take a class with complete information - not just the minimum

All classes are Instructor led in person and go well beyond the NRA Basic Pistol course in
order to discuss what you need to know about the issues & laws concerning carrying weapons.

Iowa or Utah Permit classes are $50 per person with no pre-payment required

Visit the pages on this site for information on instruction and courses or contact us if you have

Steve Hensyel
Owner / Instructor
Oskaloosa, Iowa

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