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Here are some of the most frequently asked questions concerning the new law and Hawkeye Firearms Instruction.

Q. Do I have to take the training in my county or from my Sheriff or their approved trainer or class?

A. No, Under the new law training is universal and any approved training that meets the criteria under the new law must be accepted. HFI's instructor is an NRA Certified Pistol Instructor and is qualified to teach the course under the new law.

Q. I have had a permit for several years...will I be grandfathered in?

A. Under the new law if your permit renewal date is in 2011 then you must have had training or qualification within one year prior to the renewal date on your current permit. There is no grandfathering in.

Q. Do I have to shoot to qualify?

A. No, if you have never had a permit or it has expired then you do not have to shoot to get a permit under the new law. HFI's class towards the new permit does not include or require a shooting qualification test.

Q. Why don't you require or include shooting in your course?

A. HFI does not intend to put further restrictions on persons than the law requires. Having persons complete a test at an arbitrary distance at a static piece of paper doesn't necessarily prove they are a good shot. The responsibility and liability of being proficient with a firearm lies with the permit holder, gun owner or individual.

Q. Do I get a permit after taking your course?

A. Permits will still be issued by the Sheriff in the county which you reside. After you complete our course you will be issued a certificate of training completion only. When you apply for your permit the Sheriff of the county in which you reside will still perform the background check and other paperwork and actually issue the permit .

Q. Do I have to re-qualify when my new permit expires in 5 years?

A. Yes, in 5 years you will have the option to renew by either taking a course or qualifying on the range.

Q. Can my permit to carry weapons be used to purchase firearms.

A. Yes, the new permit will act as a purchase permit for all 5 years while still valid.

The best source of information is the FAQ sheet issued by the Iowa Department of Public Safety. This doccument can be viewed here:


New 2011 Permit Application Form
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Frequently Asked Questions

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