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Experience / Training:

NRA Certified Pistol Inst. (17yrs.)
Certified Range Safety Officer
Utah Certified CCW Instructor
Refuse To Be A Victim Instructor
Multi-State CCW Permit Holder
Tactical Handgun Instructor
Firearm Shooter - 30yrs.
Distinguished Expert in Pistol
CCW Range Certification Inst.
Founder of Iowa Carry / IFC
Firearms Collector
Endowment NRA Life Member

Iowa Permit to Carry Weapons Course - CCW

This course is to provide the student with training that is consistent with the law of the state allowing a individual to apply for a Permit to Carry Weapons  (CCW )

This is a firearms safety course designed to teach gun safety, familiarization and discuss concepts related to the use of force. Further discussion will include additional theory, knowledge, skills and attitude essential to the safe and efficient use of a handgun for protection of self and family. This is a thorough course that gives students info on being a safe and responsible carrier of firearms.

This course is not intended to teach advanced tactics or shooting techniques. This course is not a "learn to shoot" course.

Total course length consists of approximately. 4-5 hours classroom instruction.

All of our classes are in-person Instructor led through lecture and demonstration.

No "live fire" is required for this class or for a new permit under the new "shall issue" law.

This Iowa CCW class has been approved by the Iowa DPS as meeting the new requirements and is accepted in all counties.

Group or scheduled classes are all $50 per person
(payable the day of the class)

- Individual or small group classes.
- I will travel anywhere in Iowa to give instruction.
- Call or e-mail to RSVP or schedule a class near you

Other Permit & Available Courses

Illinois CCW Permit • Utah CCW Permit • Arizona CCW Permit
Florida Permit to Carry • Louisiana CCW Permit
Home Firearm Safety • Custom Training
Self Defense with a Firearm
Women's Only Courses  &  Private Instruction Offered


Like so many Iowa boys, shooting and shooting sports were always a natural part of my life. Some of my earliest and best memories are of walking the fields with my family on the opening day of pheasant season. Buying a box of cartridges and shooting Dad’s .22 rifle on a lazy Sunday afternoon was just always something fun to do.

Forming Hawkeye Firearms Instruction was simply an official continuation of my passion for helping others. I became an NRA Certified Instructor in 1997 and have been a shooting enthusiast for over 30 years. Having helped to found Iowa Carry and bring "shall issue" to Iowa, my commitment and involvement in helping people in the use and safety of firearms is unwavering. 

Steve Hensyel
Owner / Instructor

Utah CCW Permit Course  $50

This will complete training that allows a student to apply by mail for a Utah CCW Permit. The
Utah Permit is accepted in 4 additional states that do not recognize an Iowa permit

A person must first have a permit from their home state to apply for the Utah Permit (excpet Illinois)

Approx. 4 hours  I give the Iowa & Utah Classes independently so as to not mix and confuse info. on laws

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Want a permit class
to come to you?

Contact us about setting up
a class in your area!

No additional charges
Low min. student requirment
Any size group or org.
Free advertising class / promotion

Private & Women Only
classes also available

Training responsible citizens in firearms since 2002
* Free / Discount Instruction for Persons at Risk

Owning and keeping a firearm is a personal choice. HFI is not encouraging anyone do so, but for those who already own a firearm or are considering getting one we want to help make safe and informed instruction available to everyone.

HFI will gladly provide instruction to abused and at risk persons or those in need. Types of instruction avaliable are safety, basic firearms introduction, info on safe storage, and marksmanship. These are available either one on one or through one of our regular courses.

If you know someone who may benefit from this offer then contact us and simply mention "free instruction".

All information and inquiries will be kept confidential.
* This offer is at the discrestion of HFI and is subject to change or revocation.

Iowa NRA
Hawkeye Firearms Instruction, LLC is a proud member of the NRA Business Alliance
Any permit holders with a current 5 year permit who would like a refresher course or the additional information our classes offer are welcome to attend any scheduled Permit to Carry class for $25.

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Introduction to Shooting   $75 - Ammo included

This is a basic firearms introduction course that allows someone to either fire a gun for the first
time or become more comfortable with shooting or just try various types of firearms. This class
also gives the student a chance to practice and be comfortable with hands on safety.

Approximately 1 hr time (Includes use of firearms & ammo)

Shooting Qualification for Renewal / Proficiency   $25

This will meet the range qualification test and proof of re-training for a renewal permit to carry
weapons. This will also allow someone to demonstrate and have proof of shooting proficiency

(target provided)

Handgun Courses Level 1 - 3  $75 per course using your ammo and firearm

These “live fire” courses focus primarily on the use of handguns for self defense. Emphasis is
placed on building basic skills, weapons handling, improving accuracy and overall confidence
with your handgun. More advanced levels are introduced as the student improves and skills and
drills to practice are demonstrated and taught.

                   Iowa Permit to Carry
                 Utah CCW Permit
                 Live Fire Shooting
                 Private & Group Courses
                 Virtual Shooting