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Steve Hensyel
Owner, Instructor Hawkeye Firearms Instruction,LLC & Founder of the Iowa Firearms Coalition
Experience / Training:

NRA Certified Pistol Inst. (19yrs.)
Certified Range Safety Officer
Iowa Certified Instructor
Utah Certified CCW Instructor
Louisiana Certified CCW Instructor
Refuse To Be A Victim Instructor
Multi-State CCW Permit Holder
Tactical Handgun Instructor
Firearm Shooter - 30yrs.
Distinguished Expert in Pistol
CCW Range Certification Inst.
Master Range safety Officer
Founder of Iowa Carry / IFC
Endowment NRA Life Member

I was born in Oskaloosa, Iowa and grew up and went to school in Pella. Like so many Iowa boys, shooting and shooting sports were always a natural part of my life. Some of my earliest and best memories are of walking the fields with my family on the opening day of pheasant season. Buying a box of cartridges and shooting Dad’s .22 rifle on a lazy Sunday afternoon was just always something fun to do.

After living in Des Moines for a few years, I moved back to Oskaloosa in 1995. My interest in guns did not wane and I became a certified pistol instructor with a strong interest in Iowa concealed carry.
Getting a valid permit in Mahaska County on my first try was no problem. It wasn’t long before that changed. The Chief Deputy, and now Sheriff, began placing on most permits the restrictions “Invalid in vehicle & incorporated city”. This of course did not sit very well with me. My continuing interest in politics as well as seeing the Clinton gun ban come and go further fueled my passion in working to maintain our rights.

As a regular on the old Firearms Forum I asked around about my options and recourse for getting a valid permit. I met a couple guys on there who together decided that we needed to investigate the permit system here in Iowa. We arranged to do an audit of permits at the DPS under Iowa’s open records law. The results were a bit shocking.  A can of worms was opened in finding that the manner of issuance from county to county in Iowa was a complete hodgepodge. It was agreed that some attention needed to be called to the issue and that we needed to work on changing the outdated and discriminatory laws in Iowa. Other states were becoming “Shall Issue” and so should Iowa.

I formed a group called Iowa Carry, created a website and forums and started spreading information on the inconsistancies in the permit system. After many years of hard work, lobbying, gaining members and getting the NRA involved, in 2010 the Iowa Legislature passed Iowa's Shall Issue Law. I was proud to have been presented the pen that was used by the Governor to sign the Bill. The name Iowa Carry was soon changed to Iowa Firearms Coalition in order to better reflect their goals and mission. The IFC continues today as a non-profit, powerful grass roots and successful gun rights lobby group in Iowa. They are the only gun rights group to get legislation passed through committee and signed into law.

Hawkeye Firearms Instruction is simply an official continuation of my passion for helping others. I became an NRA Certified Instructor in 1999 and have been a shooting enthusiast for over 30 years. Having helped to found Iowa Carry and bring the "shall issue" concealed carry permit system to Iowa, my commitment and involvement in helping people in the use and safety of firearms is unwavering.

I am a single member owned company based in Oskaloosa, Iowa and provide firearms training and instruction throughout the Midwest. What this means for my students is that safety and customer service is my top priority! I am always just a phone call, message or email away to answer any questions before or after class. I spent many years working to get Iowa's Shall Issue Permit law passed. I am very familiar with the Iowa and Federal Firearms Codes and I am really passionate about helping people learn and be safe. Whether you've never had any experience with a firearm, are a beginning shooter or you are very experienced with your firearm, my goal is to provide safe, quality instruction in the use and safety of firearms.

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